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Pink Blades Fight Breast Cancer

Since October 2007, Benchmade has been donating a portion of profits on their Pink Griptilian folding knives to the Oregon Health and Science University's Breast Education Program to help fight breast cancer. The money raised has been used to promote community awareness and to train medical professionals.
This month, Benchmade announced that the Pink Griptilian Program has been a success, and continues to raise money: "To date, Benchmade's Pink Griptilian Program has raised and donated over $10,000 with no signs of slowing down. Funds generated are helping to provide medical students, residents and practicing clinicians with standardized training in the early detection of palpable breast tumors. The program also helps educate the community on all related breast cancer issues." According to the American Cancer Society, North American women have the highest chance of developing invasive breast cancer in the world, with women in the U.S. having a 1 in 8 chance of developing it within their lives. (ref) Get mom a Pink Griptilian pocket knife for Mother's Day this year, and help fight breast cancer at the same time! "The right tool for the right cause." And don't forget gardeners and anyone who enjoys the outdoors who could use a folding knife in their pocket.


Blade Finder's catalog of knives just got a lot bigger!

Welcome to, the newest merchant to be listed in our quickly growing database of knives, swords, and other blade products. launched in March 2008, offering tens of thousands of outdoors products, including a large selection of knives at some of the best prices available. With the inclusion of's knife catalog, Blade Finder now lists over 4,000 knives from the best on-line knife merchants, with more coming soon!

Newly listed are folding knives, fixed blade knives, multi-tools, and special collector's blades by many top brands, including Buck, KA-BAR, Gerber, Spyderco, Victorinox, Kanetsune, and more.

To celebrate their grand opening, is offering a $20 Omaha Steaks Reward Gift Card with any purchase, with no minimum order requirement, for a short time only! Don't miss out!

Also watch for Free Shipping offers on many of their high-end items, in case the great prices weren't enough of a bargain.



Hottest Knives

Case 6317 Lg. Texas Toothpick, Brown Barnboard Handle,1 Blade
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V for Vendetta Knife 16in - Comic / Movie Anarchy Dagger
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Indiana Jones Khyber Bowie Knife Movie Replica
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Masters of Defense 26-4 Beshara XSF-1, Titanium, Black G-10 Handle, Serrated, Sheath
Free Shipping
Columbia River Knife & Tool 2705KOD First Strike, OD Cord Wrap, Black Blade, Zytel Sheath
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KA-BAR USCG Fighting Knife
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Hottest Swords

Hellboy's Sword Replica from Hellboy II
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Zelda - Link's Ordon Sword from Twilight Princess
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Angel Alita "Damascus Blade" HUGE Butterfly Knife - Battle Angel
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Blade Replica Daywalker Vampire Slayer Ninja Sword
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Berserk - Guts Gattsu DragonSlayer Sword - HUGE 52in
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Ichigo BANKAI Sword Inspired by Anime, Tensa Zangetsu
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New Items Feed-icon

Prince Nuada Spear, Hellboy II Replica
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Hellboy's Sword Replica from Hellboy II
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Smith & Wesson 380N S&W Two Wolves Scrimshaw
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Timberline Knives 7868 18-Delta, Black G-10 Handle, Black Tanto Blade
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Timberline Knives 7870 18-Delta, Black G-10 Handle, Black Rescue Blade, Serrated
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SOG B67N EOD PowerAssist, Black Oxide, Nylon Pouch
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RAT Cutlery RC-4P RC-4, Linen Micata Handle
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KA-BAR 2-9159-3 USMC 110th Anniversary Ka-Bar
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KA-BAR 2-9160-9 USN 110th Anniversary Ka-Bar
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Blade Merchants

Older News:

Greatest Hits

Blade Finder launched in July, and people have since been filling the search box with a wide variety of search terms. The best part of running this site is watching what people are searching for. When you get 0 search results, that's when I go shopping for new blades to list. I've got a lot of work to do if I'm going to have something for everyone!

Still, it's clear that some searches are more popular than others. It's time to compile a greatest hits list of the most popular Blade Finder searches!

Easily leading the pack are searches by the Anime and Manga fans out there. Not only are they searching the most, they are also most likely to buy. Anime fans are big spenders! Here are the top Anime searches:

1. Inuyasha
2. Bleach
3. Ichigo

Outside the realm of Anime fandom, there's an interesting mix of things that people are looking for. Swords have been very popular, with Japanese katanas and fantasy swords being roughly equal in popularity. Here's the rest of the top 10:

4. Samurai
5. Lord of the Rings
6. Musashi
7. Reverse Blade
8. Leather
9. Bowie
10. Dragon

If you get 0 hits for one of your searches, feel free to drop me a line to tell me what you're trying to find. I'll put out the word for you and see what I can find. To be updated on our ever-increasing list of blades, subscribe to the RSS feed.


Shopping for knives and swords on-line just got easier! Blade Finder is a new website aimed at being your portal on the internet for shopping for all kinds of blades. Knives and swords, replicas and functional blades. We promote a group of merchants who provide a wide variety of merchandise. Have a look around and enjoy!


All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Blade Finder is a one-stop shopping place for knives, swords, and other blades for sale on the internet. We affiliate with some of the best on-line merchants in a marketing capacity. Merchants are chosen by Blade Finder based on price, selection, and customer service. Blade Finder is not responsible for product shipments and payments, and has no control over product stock.

Blade Finder will never collect your payment information. No one from Blade Finder will ask for credit card information, bank account information, social security information, user IDs, passwords, or any of your private information. Do not provide your private information to anyone claiming to represent Blade Finder,, or anyone else on behalf of Blade Finder.

To purchase a product listed on, click the "Buy" button on a product page to be taken to the vendor's product page. Review the vendor's product information carefully, verify the price (as merchant prices can change without notice to Blade Finder), review the vendor's shipping policies, and review the vendor's privacy policies. Blade Finder visitors are solely responsible for any transactions made at vendor web sites.

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